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InstaUltra Apk allows you to download photos and videos for free. I am aware that everyone is getting frustrated with the official Instagram app because it does not let users to download videos or photographs onto their mobile devices.

When you need to send some images from Instagram to your friends, you must first capture a screenshot, then crop it, and after that, you will be ready to send your photos to your friends. Instagram requires that you do this.

Clone Version, No need to uninstall previous Instagram

Unclone Version, need to uninstall previous Instagram

The process of sharing media and videos with friends is time-consuming. On the other hand, the InstaUltra apk enables you to download photographs and movies directly to the storage on your phone.

Details & Requirements of InstaUltra Apk?

APPInstaUltra APK
APPTYPEModified Version
FORMATApk file

InstaUltra Apk Latest Version

What Is InstaUltra Apk?

 When compared to the original Instagram app, InstaULTRA Apk adds some incredible new features. One example is the capacity to save media from Instagram—including Stories. The Biography and Comment parts are also copyable by users.

The mobile application was just released, and its developers have been tasked with releasing a series of upgrades that will gradually provide an increasing number of brand-new features.

Features of InstaUltra Apk

Download Images/Videos: You are not the only person who has ever liked a photo on Instagram and wanted to save it to your gallery, but you didn’t want to until you took a screenshot and cropped it first. If this has happened to you, you are not alone. Those times are far behind us. Users of the most recent version of InstaUltra can directly download high-resolution photographs and movies with a click of a button. 

Download Stories: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to download one of your friend’s stories to blackmail him? Just joking, you should never do that; members of InstaUltra can download the stories of anybody they want to, and with the press of a single button, the narrative is saved in the form of an image so that it can be shared with anyone. 

Copy Bio/Comments: InstaUltra users can copy their friend’s biography or comment, which is helpful in certain circumstances, such as when you enjoy your friend’s biography or comment but can’t save it because it’s too long.

Audio Auto Play: Have you ever been frustrated that the official Instagram app does not instantly play the soundtrack of a video? You have to click on the video for the audio to begin playing; however, if you have InstaUltra Apk, you can go to the settings for InstaUltra and change it so that the audio begins playing automatically whenever you begin playing a video.

Links Support: The feature that irritates me the most about the official Instagram app is allowing users to share links anywhere but on their bio page. This includes video subtitles. If someone were to submit a link, it would appear as text, and we would need to rewrite the text in our browser. However, users of InstaUltra Apk could open the links immediately and without additional effort.

Hide View Message In DM: If you use InstaUltra Apk and don’t want your buddy to know that you’ve received their message, you may prevent that from happening by going into the InstaUltra settings and turning on the option that allows you to do so. This feature was taken from modified versions of Whatsapp and is somewhat helpful. 

Anti-Ban:We know that most of GBWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp users have been getting banned in recent times, and as we do not want our Instagram accounts to be prohibited, we believe this trend will continue. As a result, the engineers working on InstaUltra have been putting in a lot of effort to ensure that Anti-Ban is successful.

Hide View Status: You may hide your view status on InstaUltra Apk, which is a great feature to have if there are instances when you want to watch a friend’s story but don’t want them to know that you have already viewed it. If you want to check out your friend’s story but don’t want them to know that you did, you may use the InstaUltra Apk in complete secrecy.

Profile Pictures with a Magnified View: One of the most frustrating aspects of Instagram is that it does not let its users zoom in on the profile photographs of any other users. However, if you want to be able to do so, InstaUltra Apk has you covered with InstaUltra, you can zoom into the pictures of any person.

No-Root: Users don’t need root access on their devices to use this application, as it can be used without this being a prerequisite. However, this is not the case with some customized versions, such as some of the Modded versions, which demand root access to utilize its incredible capabilities. Contrary to this, the situation is not the same with InstaUltra.

How Do I Download InstaUltra MOD APK and Install It on My Phone?

Download the InstaUltra Dark APK from our website to experience more features than the official version of Instagram. Click the download button provided in the post to start the download.

  • Your download will begin as soon as you push the button, but it could take some time to finish depending on the stability of your network connection; if it is unstable, the download won’t complete.
  • You need to exercise patience and have a level head. Hold your breath and give it some time to finish. While waiting, you can do something practical to allow “Unknown Sources” for your phone’s settings.
  • After finishing the download of Instagram Ultra APK in its entirety, go to the file manager on your smartphone, search for the APK file of InstaUltra that was just downloaded, and then choose that file.
  • Commence the process of installing it into your device. The competition for your installation will begin in one minute. After the installation of Ultra Instagram APK has been completed successfully, you can utilize a version of Instagram that has been entirely customized.


Instagram Ultra lets you download photographs and videos directly to your device. It also changes Instagram’s interface theme. Many other characteristics make it better than Insta. 

InstaUltra APK is easy to update. Visit our site; our site’s MODs are constantly updated. 

Yep! InstaUltra Apk is safe because it’s the official Instagram MOD. It’s not in the Play Store or Insta’s official website. You can buy it from InstaUltra’s leading site or ours. Anti-Ban InstalUltra is accessible on our site.


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