InstaPro Apk V9.70 Download Free [Sam Mods]

Instapro Apk is a free modified version of Instagram by Sam Mods that gives you many features that are not available in the Instagram App.

Have you had enough of capturing Instagram posts? In the future, trimming them may cause you difficulty. A simple Instagram video may need to be screen recorded and shared among peers. The 3rd party sites may also help, but they may show too many ads or will not let you save anything.

Clone Version, No need to uninstall previous Instagram

Unclone Version, need to uninstall previous Instagram

It wasn’t interesting to me to do the same thing. Browsing websites and downloading videos take up my time. You may be banned if they ask for your Instagram information. InstaPro makes it easy to do this. If you want to Increase Instagram Followers then download Topfollow Apk.

Details & Requirements of InstaPro Apk?

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FORMATApk file
InstaPro Apk Latest Version

What is InstaPro Apk?

InstaPro Apk, the Android app, has been customized from the official Instagram app with some new functionality. The InstaPro is currently available. InstaPro is a modified version of the official Instagram app. This program utilizes the Instagram App. Like you can download stories, A unique theme and the ability to change the design.

Several modified versions of Instagram are found in the Google search bar. However, this App stands out among all customized apps. It allows users to save Instagram reels, videos, photos, and IGTV videos. Those who wish to have more features than Instagram already provides can use this app. 

The official Instagram has many features, whereas InstaPro has many more privacy settings. With this modified version of Instagram like Insta Aero Apk, you can save videos with just one tap; many more are listed below with screenshots. A new feature in Instagram Pro Reels enables users to share short videos. Within Explore, you can discover, watch, like, comment, and interact with all Reels videos.

Features Of InstaPro Apk?

Safe and Secure Version: When using any application, all data must be secure and safe. Our team modified Instagram to ensure that all users enjoy this app with the best privacy and security features.

Videos & Stories: InstaPro’s latest version allows users to download stories and videos directly. InstaPro’s latest version does not include this feature in reports.

Downloading IGTV videos: The newest version of IGTV allows you to download videos directly through your mobile phone’s SD card. This security feature ensures that your information remains secure.

HD Graphics Advanced Version: The HD graphics feature enhances the beauty and quality of every image to a 4K level.

No scrolling Ads: As a result, the user has no difficulty securing different ads, which may distract him. Since this APK is completely ad-free, you will not encounter any pop-ups or advertisements.

Save & Lock Data: You can use this modified version to lock down all your data and your profile by putting a security lock on it. This feature does not appear in Instagram’s original API. There is no need to use a third party for locking down files, so there is no need to use a third party for locking down files.

Built-in Translation Feature: Among many other languages spoken worldwide, the last version of the application offers the ability to translate comments into Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Chinese.

Download an Instagram video: Users can also download any Instagram video they want to add to their Android phone’s gallery with Instagram Pro Apk.

No need to cut: The user does not need to update screenshots taken with the app. With Instagram Pro Apk, users can easily share screenshots without editing them.

Easy to Control: There aren’t any problems using Instagram Pro Apk since it has a very simple feature.

Installation Of InstaPro Apk

  • Install InstaPro Apk after enabling Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administration. Tap on Continue to install Instagram Pro Apk.
  • Your Android device is now running Instagram Pro Apk. Please enter your email address or username if you are a first-time user.
  • Instagram Pro Apk now shows your profile. It also lets you see your friends’ profiles.
  • On Instagram Pro Apk, images and videos are directly upload able from your gallery.

Pros & Cons?


  • The third-party site provides direct access to any version of the software. In most cases, you can download the archive of your preferred version.
  • There is no waiting for the review process to be completed, etc.
  • APK files can be downloaded to a memory card or system memory. That way, you don’t have to download the app whenever you want to uninstall it.


  • Generally, Google doesn’t check apps that are downloaded from third parties. This may lead to phone damage.
  • You can damage or hack your device with viruses contained in Apk files.
  • Google Play Store apps that aren’t available won’t automatically update

Final Words

As a result, the Instapro mod apk will let you upload and view high-quality photos, so you don’t need to worry about image quality, which can also download images of the highest quality.
Instagram stories do not have watermarks, so you can easily download photos, videos, and stories. Additionally, this app is safe, and you won’t be banned from using it. Additionally, InstaPro does not require a rooted phone or an Exposed Framework.


A new version of Official Instagram has been released. You can download videos and photos, change the color templates, apply custom colors, and provide many other exciting features. Although unofficial, your Instagram account is surely secured with this app.

You can download the Latest Gb insta version from the given link. It is possible to download the Instagram pro apk from this page if you encounter any problems with the Gbinsta version.