Instander Apk V17.2 Download Official Free (2023)

Instander Apk breaks all restrictions and gives you many features that are not available on Normal Instagram Apk.

Are you familiar with Instagram? Instagram has become the best way to socialize since it has made the world a small village and connected people worldwide. Instagram allows us to connect with our friends and family and form new chains of friendship without having to devote our lives to such activities.

Clone Version, No need to uninstall previous Instagram

Unclone Version, need to uninstall previous Instagram

It serves as a platform for socializing and a major platform used in business and marketing. The Instagram application is a fun-filled social tool with endless social features. However, you can’t download media files from Instagram or remove unwanted things from Instagram that you want. In addition, you cannot download the status, and annoying ads pop up every time you log on.

Details & Requirements of Instander Apk?

APPInstander APK
APPTYPEModified Version
FORMATApk file

Instander Apk latest version 2022

What is Instander Apk?

Instander Apk are modified versions of Instagram’s official app that do everything the official app fails to do. Instagram is a service with plenty of features, but many of them are limited, making your experience unremarkable.

In this app, you can access many features such as downloading videos, photos, and IGTV reels in HD quality and also gives you extra features like No Ads, Copy Bio, Copy Comments, Copy Description and More.

Several developers have created different mods, leading to third-party Instagram applications and the best replacement for Instagram’s original application. Modified versions of Instagram have gained popularity since they satisfy all the shortcomings of the official application.

The limited features of Instagram have prompted many developers to create Mods that can outperform the original app, resulting in thousands of excellent Instagram alternatives.

The majority of Instagram mods, in contrast to Instander APK, do not only offer additional functionality, but it does so securely and safely.

Difference between Clone & Unclone?


  • The developer thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov) Developed two apps, Clone & UnClone, but all the features and user interface are the same.
  • Instander Clone Apk comes with It means simultaneously installing the original Instagram App and Instander Apk on the same device.


  • Unclone Instander comes with a¬†com.insta¬†package name, meaning you don’t use Normal and Instagram mod apk simultaneously. First, you uninstall the normal App, then Install Instander Unclone Apk.

Features of Instander APK?

Media Download: Before this App, everyone downloads different apps for media downloading, like videos and photos. But now, Instander Apk gives you all features in One App, which means not to download another app.

Influences and celebrities: Follow all the celebrities and influences in Instander apk. Those who are present and share their content daily can all be followed. Whenever you see one of these profiles and want to connect with them, click the follow button on their profile, and I will start following them. Additionally, you will start receiving all their new content updates in your feed, such as their videos, photos, and news stories.

Allow Message Replies: There are always those negative individuals who can’t wait to get back at you with their unwanted opinion in replying to your posts. Having this and perhaps other problems is at least comforting. In the normal Instagram platform, you can’t ignore such a person’s vibes since they are always at the top of the screen.

Save Story to Archive: When your storage space is low, your archive will automatically store photos and videos. Since only you can access your account through a password, Intrander Apk can’t access the photos on your device. You can save live videos to your archives for 30 days, after which they are only visible to you.

Sharing: It doesn’t bother me if my followers add my posts to their stories. I adore this amazing feature by Instander Apk, as it allows me to turn off the ability to add my feed posts to my stories, which can send photos and videos by using messages. Your friends can also see your Facebook story’s photos and videos automatically.

No More Ads: From time to time, you may see sponsored ads on your Instagram feed. Video or image ads drain your data when you watch or play them. There is all the information you need in your Instander feed alone. The platform does not contain ads. The privacy settings will let you disable the ads.

Make Close Friends: You can create a list if you want to share only a specific number of stories rather than everyone with your friends on this platform. You can save a list of your close friends; whenever you post a story, only those friends will see it while others will not.

Ghost Mode: In Normal Instagram, when you type messages, it shows your friend that you are typing something, but when you enable ghost mode, your typing status hides; when you start typing, nothing is shown to your friends. This feature is very helpful when you want to hide your privacy.

Upload Quality Improvements: Recently Instagram launched a new feature to save data. When you upload photos/videos, their quality is low automatically. But now you can improve your upload quality by Instander Apk such as:

  • IGTV Quality
  • Stories Quality
  • Reels Quality
  • Photos Quality

When Instagram launched this, everyone found a solution to upload media in maximum quality, but Instander is best to upload your media in Good quality.

Enable or Disable Message Replies: You can turn on or off the ability to reply to messages on your stories as you see fit. You can disable the message replies from fans and followers if you do not want to receive the annoying replies. It will keep you sane and ensure nobody disturbs you.

Instander verification: Verifying your account on Instagram means Instander has verified your account as authentic and that you are a public figure or celebrity. Instander users with verified accounts have their names followed and many followers and influencers. Get more influencers and followers by downloading the modern version of Instander.

Disable Analytics: You can turn off analytics whenever you want when using your account. Your account’s statistics and insights won’t work. Everybody wishes to disable analytics when using the official Instander application. Using this feature on the official Instagram app is not possible, but you can still do so if you obtain this modified version for your Android gadget.

Final Words

Suppose you enjoy this apk and want more out of it. You will forget about Instagram because it has so many features. You can now download our Instander App from our website for this purpose. Sun and the exciting app can limit your ability to experience IG, but Instander Mod Apk latest version 2022 can give you the most incredible experience. You can share amazing content with the app using some of the most wanted social media features available online.


Undoubtfully, this App is a safe, secure, and malware-free application.

This App gives you many features that not available in Normal Instagram Apk such as
Download Photos , videos and stories
Disable Ads.

Instagram does not develop this app. Instead, some third-party developers do. Unlike the official Instander app, it has many more features and makes socializing a real pleasure. You need to download it from a trusted site since it does not comply with the Google play store privacy policy.

Clone means its come with standalone setup you run Normal Instagram simultaneously.