Instagram Pro Apk Latest Version (v9.70) 2023 – Free Download

Instagram Pro APK is a modified version of the original Instagram App. It has many features that are not available to other Instagram users. It is the latest version of 2022. It has been published by SamMods. Being a modded version, it is fully updated.

In it, all the features are unlocked. Moreover, you can access many of the premium features of Instagram.  It has HD quality graphics and easy to use interface which makes it more desirable. Also try AeroInsta Modified version of Instagram.

Clone Version, No need to uninstall previous Instagram

Unclone Version, need to uninstall previous Instagram

It is free to download for everyone. You can use it on any android or iOS-based device. A lot of people have downloaded it across the globe. If you are a lover of Instagram, this modded version will completely suit your taste.

Details & Requirements of Instagram Pro Apk?

APPInstagram Pro APK
APPTYPEModified Version
FORMATApk file

Instagram Pro Apk Latest Version

Features of Instagram Pro Apk

While scrolling Instagram, we come across many IGTV videos. Sometimes we want to save them but cannot do so because Instagram does not have any such option. With this modded version of Instagram, you can save any of the IGTV Videos directly into your phone.

Download Media:Instagram is all about multimedia sharing such as videos, photos, reels, stories, and many more. Therefore, we find a lot of multimedia on Instagram that we love. However, Instagram does not provide us with the option of downloading any of these things. With this version of Instagram, you can easily download all multimedia.

Security Lock:Nowadays, we are always logged in to Instagram. Needless to say, many of us do not even remember our login password. But at the same time, we also do not want our Instagram to go into the wrong hands. To solve this issue, this modded version of Instagram provides you with a security lock that protects all your private information and secures your multimedia.

Instant Translation:The original Instagram only supports the English language. However, as the users of Instagram are all over the world, there is a need to introduce other languages as well. Although you cannot find translations in all the languages of the world in this modded version of Instagram, it successfully offers translation in some of the major languages such as English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish.

Follow up with Followers:This is one of the amazing features offered by this modded version of Instagram. Now you can follow up with all of your followers.

Follows you tag:In Instagram, we need to search who is following us or not. However, this modded version shows a “follow you” tag to all the accounts that are following you. With the help of this feature, you can easily unfollow all the people who are not following you. The revenge scene is on!!!!

View Profile Picture:The profile picture set on Instagram is fixed. You cannot view the profile picture of any of your friends closely. However, this modded version of Instagram allows you to view the profile pictures of your friends closely.

Ad-Free: As Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms for promoting business, you will be bombarded with a lot of ads while using Instagram. These ads are irritating and waste our time. To fix this issue, this modded version of Instagram blocks all the ads for you. Now you can enjoy an ad-free experience using Instagram.

In-App Browsers:This is one of the coolest features introduced in this version of Instagram. Within the interface of Instagram, now you have browsing options. With this, you can browse on any search engine directly from Instagram.

Disable Seen in the Message: When someone messages us on Instagram and we see that, it automatically shows the sender that you have seen this message. However, sometimes we want to hide this from the sender. For that, this modded version of Instagram gives you the option of disabling seen messages.

Hide Online: When we are online on Instagram, this is shown to all people. However, due to personal reasons, we do not want to show this to all people. Therefore, Instagram Pro Apk allows you to hide online written on your profile.

Zoom Images: One of the biggest drawbacks of Instagram is that you cannot zoom images in it. However, this modded version allows you to zoom any image, video, IGTV, and profile picture.

Customization Option: There are various customization options available in this modded version that are not present in the original Instagram. With this, you can customize items such as feeds, search, share, news, etc.

Anti-Ban: It is an anti-ban app. With this, the user’s account would not get banned on Instagram.

My Review or Personal Experience

As I am a fan of Instagram and keep trying many modded versions as well; I found this one pretty amazing. The features of Instagram Pro APK is offering are simply wow. They left me awestruck. I am totally into it. It is safe, secure, and fantastic.


With the above-presented information, you must have got a good idea about what this modded version is. This is one of the most popular modded versions of Instagram available. It has many cool features that make Instagram more fun to use. What is holding you back, go and download InstaPro APK and enjoy using Instagram like professionals!!!


Yes, you can use the Instagram Pro APK offline for capturing pictures and shooting videos. However, if you want to share these photos and videos, you need to be online.

Yes, downloading Instagram Pro APK is completely safe and secure. It has been tested by anti-virus and anti-malware software. A lot of people are using it across the globe and do not experience any such issues.

No, this modded version of Instagram downloads videos and photos directly into your phone without showing any watermark.